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Largest singles only event for Indians in North America.

We started in 2018 with a mission… meeting singles should be fun, exciting, and empowering. Since then more than a 100 couples have found love, and got hitched through our events. Many more couples are still dating and finding their “happy ever after”. Our events are a lot of fun!

We prioritize confidentiality, honesty, and respect. 

NJ, TX, DMV, CA, IL, NY & Toronto

Not your typical convention, this is one happening weekend!

144 wedding invitations till date

Real People, real results, real smiles 🙂

Candidates’ privacy is important to us. So identities of those attending the event will not be made public. Thus, we thank the couples below who volunteered to show their photos so other candidates can have faith in the process, and give it an honest shot at finding their life partners at our events!

Akanksha and Priyank 
Met in Rishta 2019
Married 2020

Harshal & Bharat
Met in Rishta 2020.

Mansi & Sagar
Met in Rishta 2019
Married August 2021

… over 100+ couples and several more love stories.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How is Rishta different than any other matrimonial event?
We know the name is old school…. it works. But Rishta is not your typical convention you attend at Samaj, or mandirs. We realized that the more happening the events, the more people interacted and matched. So now Rishta North America is an event that happens every other month in the US where singles can meet, mingle, make dozens of new friends, and find a life partner.
5 years running, we know what works, and what doesn’t.
We use a highly sophisticated app that helps people match. No need to share your phone number, email, or any other information with anyone else. You can chat on the app, and take it from there. Rishta is designed to give candidates the opportunity to meet, introduce themselves, and take back an experience that’s safe, fresh, exciting, and above all meaningful.
Overall, we are your friends, and we want you to feel at ease asking us questions, or telling us if you want to connect with a certain individual.
Who can attend this event?

This event is suited for Indian singles who are looking to meet other singles interested in finding a life partner. There is no language or caste barrier. We encourage on finding a good hearted person over superficial barriers .We are best suited for Hindu, Sikh, and Jain singles as 98% of our singles classify as this. 2% don’t identify to any religion, and thats okay. 

The age cut-off for Rishta is 39 years! We do make exceptions on request for up to 43 yrs. 

What is the average age and origin of past events?

The average age at Rishta is 32 for ladies and 33 for gents; however, we hosted candidates as young as 23 up to 39. We do make exceptions for up to 43 on case by case basis.

60% of candidates are local to the event, and 35% fly from within the US. 5% fly from across the border such as Canada, Europe, and even India. 

When should I plan to arrive/leave?

All details will be sent to you by email, and will be available on the app as well.

What should I bring?
Bring a good attitude, a positive outlook and dress to impress. You will be meeting new people and potential life partners.
Bring a fully charged phone, and make sure your profile is complete and accurate on Leap Social.
What is the last day to register? Can I just register a week before the event?

Our events sell out quickly, and early registration discounts end as soon as 50% of tickets are sold. If you are going to come, get in quickly. We turn people away as we get closer to the event – and we feel bad telling them we told you so! We have always sold out.

Can my parents attend?

Nope. Sorry 🙏.

Wanna bring a single sibling or friend instead? Have them sign up! 

Safety at events.
Every event we host has security, and if we see anyone misbehaving with any other attendee, we will show you the door and ban you from future events. We treat all attendees like our friends and watch out for respect and safety throughout the event. In-app safety features help protect your privacy as well.
What's the success rate of Rishta events ?
Rishta is a highly successful event. We have personally been invited to over 40 weddings that started at Rishta. There are over a 100 couples who met at Rishta, mostly all professionals. Another 45+ couples engaged, and so many more still dating, defining their “Happy ever after”. 

If you found your soul mate at Rishta, please let us know. We don’t advertise or market your name personally, and we do not share your pictures unless you volunteer to do so. It motivates our team!

So i just sign up?

Yup, we take care of the rest. We hold the right to refuse or ban anyone from attending the event. In that case, you will be refunded immediately upon signing up with a denial letter.

We thank the below sponsors for helping us spread the word!